Why subscribe to SHARIO?

Launched in the Spring of 2016, SHARIO.ORG (an acronym for Second Home And Resort Industry Observatory) is an information and networking hub for companies & professionals in the industry in Spain. If you work in the business, then this is for you.

Catering to foreign property-buyers is big business in Spain. They account for some 20% of the housing market, depending on which figures you use. This industry turns over billions of Euros every year, and contributes a significant amount to the Spanish economy.

Bizarrely for such a big business, the sector has no organisation or voice, and nobody researching and publishing business intelligence for the industry. You could argue the sector is flying blind, which makes it a riskier business to be in.

SHARIO has been launched to address this gap. We aim to help organise the industry, give it a voice, provide it with business intelligence, and generally offer information and networking services of value to professionals in the industry. Here are some of the information & networking services we plan to provide:

INDUSTRY NEWS: All the news, all in one place. Know what’s going on in your industry.
TRADE AGENDA. All the key dates & events in the industry.
PRODUCT NEWS: News and reviews of all the latest products and services of interest to the industry.
NEW DEVELOPMENT SHOWCASE: Find out about new projects on the market, and how to go about selling them like a pro.
BRIEFINGS: Flash summary and analysis of trending topics of importance to the industry, including new legislation.
REPORTS: In-depth reports on issues that affect your business, including legislation.
INTERVIEWS: Industry insiders share their knowledge and opinions in interviews with us.
MARKET RESEARCH: Benefit from valuable market research and participate in surveys to help build an accurate picture of market realities.
STRATEGY PAPERS: From time to time we will publish strategy papers for regions and market segments, to help guide the industry.
BENCHMARKING & BEST PRACTICE: Business information to help you judge your performance and learn to how improve your results.
LEARNING: Articles from industry insiders and experts on every conceivable challenge you face doing business.
JOBS & APPOINTMENTS: Job search and appointments relevant to this unique industry
NETWORKING: Events and social media networking for the industry
DIRECTORIES: Find specialists suppliers of products and services of value to your business.
PUBLIC RELATIONS: We will do what we can to enhance the reputation of the industry in Spain and internationally through effective public relations in the media and social networks. Unlike the tourism industry, nobody is looking out yet for your industry.
ADVOCACY: We will monitor regulatory issues that affect the industry and strive to inform the decision making process at all relevant levels of government and public administration, as legislation has such a big impact on the business.
AWARDS & ACCREDITATION: We will look at introducing awards & accreditation, if there is a need for this.

So subscribe now to get information and networking services of value to your business, and stay informed of everything going on in the industry in Spain.

Subscription is free for now as we get set up, and when the time comes to introduce a subscription fee to reflect the value that we provide, you will of course have the option to continue as a paid subscriber or cancel your subscription.